Frequently Asked Questions


What is Mediville

Mediville is an online professional networking and job platform that is built in collaboration with physician, nurses, pharmacist, therapists, social workers and other health and allied care professionals. Mediville is a service for friends, colleagues, coworkers  and classmates to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of frequent messages. Healthcare Professionals post messages, photos, links, text and ask professional questions, obtains answers, apply for health care jobs. These messages are posted to your profile and sent to your followers.

Do I need anything special to use it?

You only need an internet connection or mobile phone to use Mediville. Mediville is a free site and will always remain free. Join us here! Once you’re in, you can begin to find and follow the professional account of your choice.

Who should Use Mediville?

All healthcare and allied health professionals from different walks of life

Can I edit /delete a message once I’ve posted it?

Yes, you can edit and delete a message once you have posted it.

Who reads my updates?

 Your followers read your Posts. If your posts are public, anyone can read your post. Your posts are public by default, you can change the setting by clicking private button or followers only button.

What does it mean to follow someone on Mediville?

Following someone on Mediville means that you have chosen to subscribe to their Mediville updates. When you follow someone, every time the post new message, it will appear on your Mediville timeline.

What are Direct Messages?

Direct Messages are private messages sent from one   Mediville account to other Mediville account(s), and doesn’t appear in public for anyone else to read. You can always start a conversation with anyone that follows you.

Can I apply for Healthcare Job?

Yes, you can apply for healthcare jobs on Mediville.

Is the question/answer available to everyone?

Yes! The question/answer is available to everyone. You can ask  questions and obtain answers for experienced professionals

Why are accounts suspended?

Accounts are suspended for Terms of Service violations, Privacy Policy violation.

How do I report Spam?

You can report Spam via Mediville Online Contact Us